IntelliGrowth Solution

The IntelliGrowth ecosystem’s main purpose is the data collection, storage, analysis, alarming and corrective actions in order to improve various processes performed by our customers.
The core system component is IntelliPlatform, a robust and scalable software product that serves as an intelligent proxy between the data measuring devices (sensors) that acquire the data in real time, various controllers including HVAC and custom smart IntelliApps running on smart devices and/or desktop computers.
The product is evolving by adding support for the new monitoring and control devices as well as the new communication protocols.
It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud depending on a particular use case.
A rich set of APIs allows our developer to design custom applications to fulfill project requirements, but these APIs are also offered to our partners for in-house application development.
The data collections, secure storage, back-ups is accounted for on this platform to ensure that our customers can reuse and learn from the collected data, and apply this new knowledge to their process whether it’s agriculture, industrial maintenance or smart homes/buildings, just to name a few applications.

IntelliGrowth Markets


A typical use of IntelliGrowth in the agricultural greenhouse is to measure the temperature, CO, CO2 and light intensity and control the lights and exposed HVAC parameters.
The benefits for our customers are tremendous. The immediate benefits are measuring, alarming and correction upon detection of invalid parameters that results in savings and fast ROI.
The longer term benefits happening upon analysis of the collected data, learning from that data and implementing corrective action to the process. This is added value of having this solution and implementing the big data concept to improve the process of interest.
The goal is to produce more and have a minimum loss. By implementing smart and powerful technology that goal will be accomplished.

Industry Maintenance

It’s very likely that in many industrial applications the data is already collected by various sensors (current, power, humidity, voltage etc) and it’s accessible by one of the available IP protocols.
The collected data come as unstructured and in order to run analysis and provide recommendations to improve particular processes, this data should be collected and stored in a structural way.
IntelliPlatfrom using its rich communication protocol support can retrieve the data and store it into secure database, and run real-time analysis on the data collected and based on pre-determined rules make certain recommendations.
It’s not limited to the data collected on its own; it can tap into exiting databases such as Oracle and retrieve historical data that will be used for analysis.
IntelliApps will present the results in a user friendly and intuitive way, sending out alarms and notifications. The applications written for mobile and desktop devices will be tailored for the use case of interest. The customer inputs in regards to the process and data presentations will be accommodated in the application.

Smart Buildings/Homes

Saving energy and security are two the most important benefits in these two connected segments where smart technologies are leveraged to its full extent.
Most of the buildings have centralized control system in-place that monitors HVAC, humidity, security, ventilation. These systems allow extraction of the data and limited control through their API commands. IntelliGrowth leverages that exposure for data collection/control in tailored applications as well as data storage for running analysis for given parameters to suggest corrective actions to improve building management. For example, the temperature data measured at various parts of buildings can be plotted on the time scale. From that data, it can deduce some parts of HVAC that should be adjusted to save the energy cost yet improve temperature conditions. The same can be applicable for humidity, lights etc.
Being able to remotely notify that a garage door is left open (and close it from the app), auto adjusting of shutters that saves on the hydro or gas bill, detect whether pool levels are above or under an acceptable range, or detect flooding in the house or office is something that all of us would like to have readily available to us. Better safe than sorry is a way to go when it comes to the things above, or more.
IntelliGrowth has support for various sensors and control devices as well the custom applications that are written to work for the particular household needs.




The IntelliApp is a mobile application usable on both Android and iOS phones that enables users to connect to the IntelliPlatform system. This enables users to manage and automate various connected devices within the internet of Things universe from the palm of their hands and from anywhere in the world. By interfacing with the IntelliPlatform system, IntelliApp users can connect to, control, and read data from any hardware that is connected to their IntelliPlatform account.
The IntelliApp primarily allows users to remotely control and monitor a variety of hardware systems interfaced with their IntelliPlatform account.

Monitoring & Control

IntelliApp provides remote access to data analytics, control mechanisms, scheduling of changes of state, and monitoring thresholds of IntelliPlatform integrated hardware systems. Using the IntelliApp, users can sign into their typo accounts and gain access to all the features developed to grant users accessibility and control over their hardware systems. IntelliApp grants users the ability to change metrics and rules that govern decisions made by some of the automated algorithms by the IntelliPlatform system for the signed in account.
IntelliApp allows users to subscribe to receive notifications to their phone when an event occurs of a specific priority. Priorities include critical, important, scheduled, as well as low priority events. These notifications inform the user of what went wrong or what the latest state is of the specified hardware device allowing the user to act quickly using the IntelliApp to shut off the hardware remotely, or modify/enable a threshold value that alleviates the issue. IntelliApp provides users with the highest level of control with the fastest response times over various distributed hardware devices from any remote location. This removes the need for users to travel to on-site locations to manually monitor or control the hardware systems they.



The IntelliPlatform is a multi-layer technology that enables straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices within the Internet of Things universe. Using it’s rich communication protocol support it can connect your hardware, however diverse, to the cloud by using flexible connectivity options, enterprise-grade security mechanisms, and broad data processing powers.
IntelliPlatform integrates many existing technologies and any hardware with an exposed API(BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, etc) in diverse markets including: Agriculture, Industry Maintenance, Smart Buildings/Homes. Our diverse platform can also be hosted on a COTS server, in the cloud, VM’s, and docker containers.

Monitoring & Control

Intelliplatform provides remote access to reliable feedback metrics to drastically improve company efficiency and output. The IntelliPlatform retrieves this data and stores it into a secure distributed database. The data is then run through a dynamic real-time analysis algorithm specific to the customer’s application based on pre-determined rules to make certain recommendations to provide an optimal output. The platform is not limited to data collected by the IntelliGateway but can also tap into existing databases such as Oracle and retrieve historical data to be analyzed.
The platform allows user control of different devices through the mobile and web based applications to ensure conditions are met at any time, anywhere. With our broad integration into many existing industry standard protocols, IntelliPlatform can control many HVAC systems and other on-premise devices through a centralized entry-point. Due to the nature of IntelliPlatform’s design, it can be used to automate many aspects of the Agriculture and Smart Building industries by configuring a combination of rules comprised of metric thresholds as well as other available sensor inputs available to the platform to control any device in the cluster.


Intelligrowth is founded in Hamilton, Canada by a group of five innovative professionals whose experiences come from the engineering, business and scientific fields.
Intelligrowth recognized the needs present in various industrial and consumer markets to automate and monitor all possible manually controlled processed by leveraging advancing software and hardware technologies.


Aleksa Cenic

As an Associate Professor in the Division of Neurosurgery at McMaster University, my clinical practice at the Hamilton General Hospital focuses on Spinal disorders, injuries and disease in adults. Treatment and care of fundamental peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes and injuries: Carpal Tunnel and Ulnar Nerve. My practice also includes providing fundamental Neurosurgical care of brain tumours, hemorrhagic stroke, hydrocephalus (VP shunts) and traumatic brain injury in adults. As a member of the Neuromodulation Pain Program at McMaster, my role is to implant Spinal Cord Stimulators to improve chronic pain in patients with failed back syndrome and pain not amenable to surgery. Completing a BSc in Medical Physics (Radiation & Health) at McMaster University, I started my research career by evaluating a new radiation dosimeter to be used in radiotherapy treatment planning for Oncology patients. With a Masters of Science from the University of Western Ontario in Medical Biophysics, I have published research papers on Cerebral Hemodynamics using novel Dynamic CT Perfusion Protocols both in animal models and human studies, and continue to be involved in Clinical Research Projects at McMaster University; whether Randomized Controlled Trials, Meta-Analysis/Systematic Reviews, Retrospective Reviews, or Case Studies, mainly in the fields of Spinal Surgery and Pain Management. Forward moving clinical research projects include: UV light in the prophylaxis and management of postoperative wound infections, and medical cannabis in the management of postoperative pain as a modality to reduce the use of opiates.

Drasko Vucenovic
VP for Software and Hardware Development

As a graduate from the Software Engineering program from McMaster University with a specialization in Embedded Systems, I have created multiple high profile mobile applications for various companies and clients throughout North America. In 2012 I joined Pivotal Labs and worked to develop Instagram for Windows Phone at the Facebook campus in Menlo Park, California, Bell TV for Blackberry 10, President’s Choice Financial Kiosk for Windows Phone, and resolved issues for a multitude of other applications including AccuWeather, NFL, and Treehouse on iOS, as well as some others on Android. With the experience gained, I moved on to work for Rave and helped develop the initial version of the Rave app for iPhone. This app allowed users to view YouTube videos in perfect sync within chatrooms. Chatrooms included VoIP and messaging. Following Rave, I worked for The Weather Network as where I played a key role in refactoring and rebuilding the entire Weather Network mobile application for iPhone. I handled virtually every module in the codebase for The Weather Network app and many of the features I built still stand strong today. Once the work was done, I moved on to work for Cronometer where the app had to be rebuilt from the ground up. I rewrote nearly the entire codebase as the only Software Engineer working on the iPhone app. The performance and usability of the Cronometer app is top notch and they have grown significantly since I joined the team. Following Cronometer, I began to work for Spok to help build the next generation mobile application used by doctors and nurses to communicate and exchange sensitive patient information. This mobile app is HIPPA compliant, very secure, and is built on both iOS and Android.

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